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Great History on Top Gemstones

Our relationship with gemstones spans across so many years apart from the fact that it is multifaceted. Gemstones mean a lot more than the minerals underneath. The meaning attached to them has spanned for so long. In fact, it has started wars and even cemented royal alliances. This has gone ahead to change the course of history. It is important or you to be familiarized with a number of stories that come with various gems. There are certain stories that you will have to pay attention to. This will from time to time comprise the following.

It is evident that diamond is taken to be one of the most valuable gemstones. It is prudent to point out that these diamonds have been mined for the past 3000 years. They are taken to be reflective of luxury, and wealth as well as privilege. It was not until the Middle Ages that these diamonds attracted the interest of the people in Europe. Studies show that the 19th century witnessed a decline in the diamond mines in India. It is from this time that diamond became more accessible to all. It is so hard for anyone to doubt how popular diamonds are across the globe. They are widely embraced in fashion as well as considered a stable commodity. They are the most valuable gemstones to choose. You will also find that there is emerald. Emeralds are often considered to be royal gemstones. This has been the case ever since the time of the roman emperors and even the Egyptian pyramids. Cleopatra is one of the royals that had fallen for emeralds. The roman emperors used them to view gladiator games. It is possible to use emerald in place of diamond as a sign of power. They are mined in large scale in Colombia.

It is imperative to mention that we have Ruby that is linked with protection as well as privilege. You will note that their history is traced back to Asia. As of now, they are found in Myanmar. It is imperative to mention that the king of Burma has reserved rights to the large rubies. This rule has made a number of miners to break the rubies so as not to give them to the crown. This is what makes it hard for one to get the large rubies. Any large ruby that is at your disposal will come at a high cost.

You will also get to learn of sapphire that is linked to romance. This gem is often relied on for making engagement rings. It is necessary to indicate that noble citizens in the ancient Greece often wore this gem.